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Youth In Film & Television Membership

 L.I.F.T. focuses on the entire.  Therefore, as ladies in film with families, we tend to spend lots of time away.  This takes a toll on families often times leading to divorce.  Family structure is important just like our career in film is important.  This is why we incorporated a program that will not only engage ladies, but our children as well.  What better way to get your youth involved than to have a program designed specifically with them in mind. Our team of professionals are screened, with strict background checks and must pass MOTHER CHECKS as well.  We know as Mothers, we do NOT Play when it comes to our children.  Safety is KEY with L.I.F.T!  Our children will participate in a full scale curriculum throughout the year educating them in FILM and ACTING EVENTS!  

This is why you should join!

Spouse Membership

As we stated earlier, L.I.F.T is concerned about family and that's why we've added this to our programs.  We want marriages to work in this industry and this is our vision for Ladies in Film & Television.  Ladies in Film & Television offers opportunities for members to bring your spouse to the organization at little to no charge depending on the membership level you choose.  

**We do require members to show documentation of legal marriages to ensure honesty during membership enrollment (Marriage licenses)

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